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  Prof. Dr. Yongwei Miao

Email: ywmiao@zstu.edu.cn

Yongwei Miao(ΰ)

Professor, Dr. 

School of Information Science & Technology

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Email: ywmiao@zstu.edu.cn



I am currently a Professor of School of Information Science and Technology at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China. I received my Ph.D degree from State Key Lab of CAD&CG at Zhejiang University. From February of 2008 to February of 2009, I worked as a visiting scholar in University of Zrich, Switzerland. From November of 2011 to May of 2012, I worked as a senior visiting scholar in University of Maryland, USA. From July of 2015 to August of 2015, I worked as a visiting professor in University of Tokyo, Japan. My current research interests include computer graphics, digital geometry processing, visual media computing, 3D reconstruction/3D printing, virtual reality/human-computer interaction, image/video processing, etc.

I am actively looking for excellent and self-motivated graduate students to join our research group in Computer Graphics.












Research Area

My research focus on the following areas:

  • Computer Graphics

  • Digital Geometry Processing

  • Visual Media Computing

  • 3D Reconstruction/3D Printing

  • Virtual Reality/Human-Computer Interaction

  • Image/Video Processing
  • Computer Vision

  • Computer-Aided Design


Professional Activities

Editorial Board

  • Transactions on Computer Science and Technology

  • Journal of Computer Graphics and Rendering

Program Committee

  • Chinagraph 2016
  • ChinaVR 2016
  • GDC 2016
  • GDC 2015
  • Chinagraph 2014
  • CAD/CG 2014
  • DEA 2010
  • IEEE/Eurographics Symposium on Point-Based Graphics 2008


  • Computer-Aided Design, Computer & Graphics, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Computers and Mathematics with Applications

  • SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis (in Chinese), Journal of Computer (in Chinese), Journal of Software (in Chinese), Journal of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics (in Chinese), Journal of Image and Graphics (in Chinese)

  • Eurographics 2014, Eurographics 2013, Eurographics 2009, IEEE International Conference of CAD/Graphics 2009, IEEE/Eurographics Symposium on Point-Based Graphics 2008

  • Chinagraph 2016, ChinaVR 2016, GDC 2016, GDC 2015, Chinagraph 2014, CAD/CG 2014DEA-CIDE 2014, Chinagraph 2010, Chinagraph 2008, Chinagraph 2006